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Memorial Day Predictions. Choose Your Favorites Main   019-839-537 6605–2744–7230   022-023-222-869-264-276 4560-4536-3302-3350-5477-5408-5418    Mates & Doubles 017-117-717-837-567-867 569-119-919-223-233 9230-9260-6655-3355-6005-6055 2774-2274-4566-3322-5447-5547   and of course   679 Note: With the exception of the 679 which is Read more…

Our Five N Play for May and June 2018 are now available. Since May is almost over, we’re giving you two months for the price of one.

From now thru Sunday, take $3.99 off your shipping cost on any item(s) in the store when you spend at least $10. How sweet is that? Almost better than a long stem rose. If you’re celebrating Read more…

This week’s 12 N Play for Pick 34 is now posted here. Maynu’s Any Year for Pick 4–extracted from our newest publication–is now available for the last week in April right here. Use these 999 calendar Read more…

Maynu’s Weekly Predictions for Pick 4 (All-State) Any Year Calendar-Based Predictions for the Lottery   10 MAIN ALL-STATE COMBINATIONS 3342-3321-3320-3422-3327 6642-6621-6042-6342-6671 26 SINGLE-STATE COMBINATIONS 3342       6642 3317 3321 3324 6627 6621 6624 6321 Read more…

12 N Play Pick 3 Cash 4 Calendar Based Predictions (Any Year) 957-970-971-972-973-974 984-943-944-945-946-947 3345-3349-3350-3351-3352-3353 6642-6619-6620-6621-6622-6623 Wild: 992-997-977-745 6321-3651-3445-3455-3321-3322 6662-2622-3355-6021-3051

Note: These predictions come from Ama Maynu, our lottery strategist, who receives “images” on occasion. Below the images may be dream words or phrases which have been converted into pick 3 and cash 4 combinations. Use Read more…

In April we are showering you with not one, but two premium free predictions for your weekly “online” and single-state play consideration. These are all-calendar based predictions. Enjoy… 12 N Play Weekly Pick 34 for April Read more…

Maynu’s Weekly Predictions for Pick 4 (All-State) Any Year Calendar-Based Predictions for the Lottery April 15-21 Main 10 “All State” Combinations for the Week 4667-4673-4677-4674-4607 7394-7346-7646-7374-9394 26 “Single State” Combinations 4679-4673-4676-4699-4693-4696-4672-4373-4678-4677-4674-4607-4667 7394-7343-7346-7349-9343-9346-9349-7345-7646-7347-7399-7348-7341 This Week’s Broad-Stroke Trios Read more…


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